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World-class medical professionals curating tailored treatments that address the root causes of addiction. Our medically-managed Intensive Outpatient Programs offer rapid access to get you back to good.

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About 8 million Canadians suffer from addiction with more people dieing from alcohol than all illicit drug use combined⁵. 10 Canadians die in hospital everyday from substance use, where 75% of that is alcohol⁶.

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One in five Canadians are living with a mental health problem or illness today¹. Canadians report worsening mental health since the COVID-19 pandemic started, leading to increased disability claims in Canada with little access to support².


The Newly Institute is building and operating a network of medically-managed Intensive Outpatient clinics across Canada. We provide cutting-edge mental health treatments for all who are suffering to heal deeply embedded traumas that prevent from living a full life.


Almost 300 million people around the world use mind-altering substances with alcohol being the most prevalent and about 10%, or 31 million people suffer from addiction³.


Addiction is the loss of control due to cravings and a compulsion to engage in substance use or behaviour with significant consequences in physical, emotional, social or occupational functioning. Initial use is often voluntary for a variety of reasons including to feel good (or even normal), feel better, or do better. For many the positive benefits that are reported with initial use fades with time, requiring higher and higher doses to get the same effect.


Many people use alcohol or drugs to reduce the intrusive thoughts, poor sleep, and even nightmares that result from childhood traumas or a specific traumatic event.  Failure to treat the underlying trauma and consequent mental health conditions of those trying to recover from addiction leads to a predictably high risk of relapse.


The Newly Institute is dedicated to treating trauma and other comorbid mental health disorders to help people recover and stay recovered from addiction.  We focus on treating the core causes of addiction.


Our national leaders in Addiction Medicine have helped develop a program that includes medical detoxification services, relapse prevention programming, and connection to peer led services throughout Canada to provide the best opportunity for recovery from addiction.


Following the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Criteria that guides physicians in treatment planning, Intensive Outpatient Programming should be initiated prior to referring to inpatient addiction treatment services. For the small percentage not able to be stabilized we will help facilitate the referral process to one of the programs available around Canada as supported by the referrer.

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Current treatment for most mental health concerns is often medications. More and more Canadians are prescribed antidepressants and less are accessing therapy. Most addiction and chronic pain  programming are devoid of mental health and trauma therapies. 

Our program has been curated by the expertise of our world-class medical professionals.  We have carefully developed our curriculum based on the best available medical and complementary evidence to help you maximize benefits and enjoy getting back to good.

The Newly Institute takes an evidence based medical approach developing a national set of Intensive Outpatient Programs for mental health, addiction, and chronic pain. We believe in a holistic approach to mental well being and employ a bio-psycho-social-spiritual treatment model to help our clients live their best lives.

Rapid Access, Rapid Resolution of Symptoms, Rapid Return to Work and Life.

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