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We believe that work is a Fundamental Human Right.  We are dedicated to facilitating the fastest possible return to work with our curriculum and programming scientifically designed to rapidly resolve the mental and physical health symptoms that led to a leave from work.

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For those that have been away for years or decades, the goal is often vocational rehabilitation with a return to a meaningful role in society, work, or volunteering. We believe that work is a Fundamental Human Right. 

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During The Newly Institutes evidence based treatment programs, workers are supported throughout their entire program in order to provide a successful and sustainable return to work plan.


Our Return-to-Work programming is dedicated to rapid access, rapid resolution of symptoms, and a rapid return to work. The program is designed for those who have recently been placed on leave from work or are looking to return back to the workplace. 


The longer one is away from work, the more difficult it is to return. Data suggests the majority will not return to work after being away one year or longer and yet returning to work is a key piece of one’s recovery path. When someone needs to be off work to take care of physical or mental health a strategy is imperative to be successful at returning to the workplace.



Our unique curriculum is dedicated to not just rapidly resolving the symptoms that led to leaving the workplace, but to rapidly returning to the workplace and living a healthy and meaningful life. Individualized planning begins on the day our clients begin our program. The workplace is known to markedly affect the mental health of employees and can be a protective factor that helps facilitate a positive return-to-work. We are happy to work directly with employers to improve resiliency training or facilitate a more supportive and accommodating environment when needed.


Factors associated with positive return-to-work outcomes include participating in the scheduling, work modification or accommodations as necessary, and return-to-work coordination. Working with employers or case managers throughout treatment allows us to tailor a plan that works for everyone.


It has widely been shown that a supported, clear, and gradual return-to-work strategy provides the best outcomes with support from occupational experts. We will assist in the transition back to work with any needed supports from our experienced occupational health team. It is important while off work attending The Newly Institute that clients keep in touch with one or two contacts from their work to help reduce the anxiety of returning to the workplace.



Many people use alcohol or drugs to reduce the intrusive thoughts, poor sleep, and even nightmares that result from childhood traumas or a specific traumatic event.  Failure to treat the underlying trauma and consequent mental health conditions of those trying to recover from addiction leads to a predictably high risk of relapse.


The Newly Institute is dedicated to treating trauma and other comorbid mental health disorders to help people recover and stay recovered from addiction.

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