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Our vision at The Newly is to provide long-lasting positive change in the lives of our patients.  Success is often best measured by their personal and heart-felt responses to the work we do together. We are humbled and honoured by their stories.

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We collect feedback and testimonials from graduates of The Newly’s treatment programs. We want to know what worked and how we can better treat and care for our patient’s mental health.

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Many of our patients choose to share their thoughts on our treatments and services. We have included client testimonials without altering them except for respecting the privacy of our clients and ommiting their names.



The Newly Institute offers intensive programs that work within your hours and help you feel better now. While the effect of our treatment will be durable for many patients, those who suffer from relapses can revisit our clinics for booster treatments on an as needed basis.  We are here for you when you need us the most. 

The Newly Institute takes an evidence based medical approach developing a national set of Intensive Outpatient Programs for mental health, addiction, and chronic pain. We believe in a holistic approach to mental well being and employ a bio-psycho-social-spiritual treatment model to help our clients live their best lives.

Rapid Access, Rapid Resolution of Symptoms, Rapid Return to Work and Life.

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